From Wayanad to Dalhousie; 5 Most stunning Places to travel during April Summers

Written by  Durtimans   |  March 26th 2024 01:46 PM  |  Updated: March 26th 2024 01:46 PM

From Wayanad to Dalhousie; 5 Most stunning Places to travel during April Summers

Summers are already here in the country and you might be wondering about moving places to escape this scorching heat. Don't worry, today we will be looking at some of the most off-beat locations to visit this summer. India is full of beauty, At every coordinates, India is a country that will surely amaze you with it's uniqueness, culture and vibrancy. It's diverse people, customs, food, clothing, climate, flora and fauna are some of the elements that are no similar in any part of the nation making it one of the most travelled places on the globe.

Summer Destinations of India

Wayanad - Known for it's magnanimous stretch of greenary, Wayanad is a breathtaking place situated in the state of Kerala. The place is mostly knwon for it's camping and trekking trails that leads you to some superb destinations. It's waterfalls are an an another jewel of the place. Offering some overwhelming sights, Wayanad during April offers a subtle warm temperature and a chiller temperature as the sun dawns under the vibrant tea plantations.   

Coorg - Coorg situated in the Southern part of the country is another place to run away from the waving summers. A hillstation in the state of Karnataka provides immaculate sights of valleys and waterfalls. 'Iruppu' and 'Unchalli falls' are the best places to visit in the scorching July. Religious places such as 'Omkareshwar Temple' and 'Igguthappa Temple' are some of the other tourists attractions for the travellers.

Srinagar - North India's one of the most lively place during Aprils has to be 'Srinagar'. Located in the Kashmir region, this winter wonderland awakens it's liveliness during the onset of summers. Shedding it's winter coat, it transcends the sun soaked beauty of it's lush greenary and fresh air with a temperature that ranges between 7-17 Degree Celcius. Also known as the summer capital of Kashmir, Tulip garden of Srinagar brings it's extensive color palette to life. Another of the summer filled Srinagar, is it's suureal Dal Lake. Surrounded with majestic mountains, a boat ride in the lake gives you a heavenly experience, specially during it's evening hours.


Dalhousie - Situated in Himachal Pradesh, this place offers a soul soothing temperature during April with a temperature that ranges between 14-22 degree Celcius. The picturesque charm of the area, offers with tremendous opportunity to it's travelers for being indugled in various activities, from sight seeing the green mountains with hopping in local food and bazaars. 

Andaman and Nicober Island - The month of April is mostly preferred month to travel in the island group because during the onset of summers gives you a calmer experiences along side the beaches, the air is subtle and most importantly less crowdy. With not so much rush, it gives and ample opportunity for a traveler to soak in it's various activities with the loved ones, specially it's water activies like Snorkeling, Parasailing, Sea Wall, speed boats etc. 


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