Here's how you can replace using phone during your 'pre' bed time routine

Written by  Durtimans   |  March 20th 2024 01:17 PM  |  Updated: March 20th 2024 01:17 PM

Here's how you can replace using phone during your 'pre' bed time routine

Well, it is a no doubt that we all live a life that transcends a pace that is well faster than the previous ages. We live trough the life of screens. What we see on the phones is what we do and the same has overpowered human intelligence so much that we are forgetting the sheer realities of real life and reel life. The two parelle's that never joins. The people, the glitzy life, the contrasting careers, the love, the blinks, the cocktails, the money, the jets, the motivation, the spirituiallity is nothing but all lie, because it is 'they' not 'we' or 'you' and 'I'. This is a very crystler way which we have been transformed into a life of provocation without having the accesses on our own.

The dopamine rush, this plethora of content imposes on our lives is extraordinary, not in a good I must say, but in the most devastating way a human could ever imagine. The internet has usage, of-course it does. This is what we breathe today but letting it take over our entire life is a way of killing everything you've got as a  living/natural being because it's not the oxygen we live for, rather it's a gas that is important but not necessarily crucial. We are so addicted of using our cell phones that we are getting rid of our hobbies and interests because ofcourse we all are damaged beings and we are more enthralled with the live's of the others, even I am. We, you and me often use our phones till the midnight and says our good morning with the same shit that comes and goes around every now and then and you know there are huge complications this small handy phones and the internet can bring into your life. The doom! So let's see through some of the most efficient way you can opt to cut off ur usage of phone during your pre sleep schedule because we need a sleep of peace not the nightmares that imposes for tomorrow. 

1. Find Your Hobbies - Getting to know your core interests is very crucial to spend time on your own. Finding your hobby is crocheting your artist-self on the frontline. As they say, "practice art, anything, paint the canvas, write poetry, read books, do unlikely things, cook food, experience newness, sing songs, make videos, capture sunsets, or anything, no, not to earn money to to expereince the 'becoming'."


2. Spend time alone - Rethink about life, where is it going and from where you came through. The absolute scratch. we, as humans have always evolved from nothing to something of the present. We can't deny that because that is as natural as taking birth and dying in solace. Observe the trajectory of yesterday, now and tomorrow and see what can you do now that can bring a better tomorrow, and pst is all about the learnings and mistakes but importantly acceptance. This specfic time realisation is very crucial for a fruitful life. 

3. Concentrate - We, as humans of a fast paced life, often forget the peace our body and mind needs. The chaos is indeed we should be aware of but most importantly finding tranquility in such loudness we should rather look after for. Sit idle, grab your corner where no one catches your breath. Don't think anything but just concentrate into the brightness of an endless sphere. Try grabing that spot of an unmatchable spot of distance in silence and shrink yourself into the realm of heavenly meditation. The practice, in-fact poses a fresh start of the day that awaits tomorrow and a peaceful sleep that we mostly need. Mostly I repeat! 

The Family Time - The family is important, the bonds are important and so our social lives. But being social starts from out home, from our own family. Before going to bed, try to exchange thoughts on your day and grab some of their's. This would give you a wider vision of perception on the things you have done or should do including your family member's and their varying perspectives, that re-difines individuality. A little fun time with the family can transcend peace. The little joy, the smile, the sorrow shared with them is something more crucial than we can ever think. It also brings moral values!


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