Major DP Singh’s Inspiring Journey: From Kargil War Hero To India’s First Blade Runner

written by Karan Nanda | July 08, 2019

Anything is possible as long as you're focused, determined and you really want to do it. Major DP Singh is a living example of this phrase. Major DP Singh's right leg got amputated in 1999 while fighting for India during the Kargil war, Operation Vijay. Yet this didn't deter Singh's spirit. He grabbed the title of India's first blade runner and has added his name in Limca Book of Records. Born on 13 September 1973 in Haryana's Jagadhari, Major DP Singh was commissioned into the 7th Battalion, The Dogra Regiment. During the 1999 battle, Major Singh was about 80 meters far from a Pakistani Army post when a mortar fell near him and he received multiple injuries in various parts of the body. Besides, a part of his right leg was amputated as it had developed gangrene. Since then he has been using a prosthetic leg.

Following the incident, Major DP Singh gradually started running using a prosthetic limb. With his determination, Major DP Singh has managed to run in about 18 marathons in his athletic career. He is now popular as ‘India's first blade runner’.
He retired from the Indian Army in 2007, after serving for 10 years. We salute Major DP Singh for his achievements.


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