Neha Bhasin has made the Valentine's much special with her latest release.

written by Kirti Pathak | February 11, 2021

This is the season of love with Valentine's Day coming soon. Everyone has dwelled in the romantic air and the artists are also making it special with their musical numbers. One such beautiful love-filled song has been released by Neha Bhasin in her soulful voice.

Neha Bhasin Neha Bhasin

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The song is titled ‘Taara’ and every bit of the song is alluring and soothing not only to the  ears but also eyes. The song is shot in the peaceful backdrop of hills with Apurav Nautiyal as the male lead.

Taara song Taara song

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The musical beats to the song have been added by Sameer Uddin with the video direction by Prayrit Seth. The song has released, and if you haven’t heard it till now then check out here.

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