Don't Miss Out: 'Panchayat 3' Trailer Releasing On This Date: Fulera Village Seeks New Secretary?

The buzz surrounding Amazon Prime's beloved series, 'Panchayat', is reaching a fever pitch as the eagerly awaited Season 3 draws near. Adding to the anticipation is the recent revelation of a new vacancy in the village of Fulera: the position of Secretary.

Written by  Prerit Chauhan   |  May 13th 2024 05:14 PM  |  Updated: May 13th 2024 05:14 PM

Don't Miss Out: 'Panchayat 3' Trailer Releasing On This Date: Fulera Village Seeks New Secretary?

Renowned for its wholesome content and captivating storyline, the acclaimed web series 'Panchayat' has become a cherished gem among Amazon Prime Video's offerings. With its endearing narrative, it has managed to captivate audiences from various walks of life. Now, as the eagerly awaited 'Panchayat Season 3' gears up for release on May 28th, excitement levels soar with the announcement of an intriguing vacancy in the village of Fulera for the position of Secretary.

Portrayed by the talented actor Jitendra Kumar, the character of Secretary Abhishek Tripathi takes center stage in 'Panchayat 3'. Fans were recently tantalized by veteran actress Nina Gupta, who shared a captivating poster teasing the search for the new Secretary.

Taking to Instagram, Gupta unveiled the poster, beckoning potential candidates with a cryptic caption, "Chaos reigns in every corner; Fulera seeks a fresh Secretary. Submit your CV for consideration. The position awaits." The poster itself serves as an invitation, declaring, "Fulera is on the hunt for a new Secretary. Panchayat, could you be Fulera's next Secretary? Submit your CV." With a visual of the Secretary's chair included, the poster injects a touch of whimsy, adding to the allure of the unfolding mystery.

The anticipation surrounding 'Panchayat 3' is further heightened by the impending release of the trailer on May 17, just ten days ahead of the series premiere. Fans eagerly await further insights into the upcoming season, eager to unravel the intricacies of the storyline and the fate of Fulera's Secretary position.

While the details of the makers' strategy for 'Panchayat 3' remain shrouded in secrecy, the fervor among fans continues to escalate. Jitendra Kumar's stellar portrayal of Secretary Abhishek Tripathi in previous seasons has garnered widespread acclaim, setting the stage for yet another captivating installment in the beloved series.


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