Kunal Khemu's 'Madgaon Express' Takes OTT by Storm: Streaming on this Platform!

Set against the vibrant backdrop of Goa, ‘Madgaon Express’ follows the adventures of Dodo (Divyendu), Pinku (Prateik), and Ayush (Avinash). The film combines elements of comedy and suspense, delivering a narrative filled with unexpected twists.

Written by  Prerit Chauhan   |  May 17th 2024 11:41 AM  |  Updated: May 17th 2024 11:41 AM

Kunal Khemu's 'Madgaon Express' Takes OTT by Storm: Streaming on this Platform!

Kunal Khemu, a celebrated actor in the Indian film industry, has recently ventured into the realm of direction with his debut comedy film, ‘Madgaon Express’. The film, which has garnered significant praise for Khemu's directorial prowess, performed moderately at the box office but was met with enthusiasm and appreciation from audiences. For those who missed the cinematic release, there’s exciting news: ‘Madgaon Express’ is now available for streaming on an OTT platform.

When and Where Will ‘Madgaon Express’ Release on OTT?

‘Madgaon Express’, a film imbued with comedy and suspense, is directed by Kunal Khemu and produced by the dynamic duo of Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar. The eagerly awaited OTT release has been confirmed, with Prime Video sharing the film’s poster on Instagram. The announcement, accompanied by the caption, "The Goa trip has finally left the group chat," revealed that the film is now streaming on their platform. This development allows viewers the convenience of enjoying the film from their own homes.

The Essence of ‘Madgaon Express’

Set against the picturesque backdrop of Goa, ‘Madgaon Express’ takes its audience on an entertaining journey with three main characters: Dodo, played by Divyendu; Pinku, portrayed by Prateik; and Ayush, enacted by Avinash. The narrative begins as a light-hearted adventure centered around friendship, only to take an unexpected turn, infusing the plot with suspense. The film also boasts commendable performances by Nora Fatehi, Upendra Limaye, and Chhaya Kadam.

Critics and audiences alike have lauded the film for its sharp comedic elements, well-crafted script, and the strong performances delivered by the main cast. The film's global earnings, which totaled 44.5 crore rupees, reflect its widespread acclaim.

Insights from Kunal Khemu on His Directorial Journey

Reflecting on his journey into direction, Kunal Khemu shared his thoughts with PTI, revealing the initial uncertainty he faced. "I didn't even know if it would become a film. Writing was like a practice session for me to see if I could do it. It was a solitary process, and no one knew I was writing it. In fact, I thought if it ever got made, maybe I would play one of the boys; that’s why I wrote it," Khemu said.

He further elaborated on his choice of genre, noting, "Comedy is something that easily resonates and is one of the most watched genres in the world. As an actor, I love comedy. Moreover, it was easier to pitch that he's good at comedy; let’s at least read what he has written in comedy. I am fortunate to have gotten the chance."


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