'Panchayat Season 3' Star Opens Up About Mental Health Struggles in the Entertainment Industry

Durgesh Kumar, known for his role as Bhushan or Banarasi in the hit series 'Panchayat,' has recently opened up about his journey, shedding light on the trials and triumphs that led to his success.

Written by  Prerit Chauhan   |  June 04th 2024 02:59 PM  |  Updated: June 04th 2024 02:59 PM

'Panchayat Season 3' Star Opens Up About Mental Health Struggles in the Entertainment Industry

The recent release of 'Panchayat Season 3' on Amazon Prime Video has not only captivated audiences but also sparked a significant trend across social media platforms. Among the stars of the series, Durgesh Kumar, also known as Bhushan or Banarasi, has emerged as a notable figure gaining traction in the virtual realm. Hailing from Darbhanga, Bihar, Durgesh Kumar has recently been sharing his personal journey and shedding light on the challenges he has faced in the entertainment industry.

In a series of interviews, Durgesh Kumar has offered candid insights into his experiences. According to a report by Indian Express, the actor highlighted the multifaceted nature of preparation required for aspiring actors. He emphasized the importance of psychological, physical, mental, emotional, and financial readiness, citing his own battles with depression twice in the span of 11 years. "Surviving in the industry becomes daunting if you're not well-rounded," he remarked.

Moreover, Durgesh Kumar advised aspiring actors to brace themselves for the unforeseen challenges that the industry presents. Drawing from his own observations and experiences, he cautioned against viewing the entertainment industry as a realm for mere trials. "It's filled with eccentric individuals," he noted, citing esteemed figures like Manoj Bajpayee and Pankaj Tripathi, whom he encountered during his time at the National School of Drama (NSD). Reflecting on his journey from NSD to the bustling Versova in 2016, Durgesh Kumar recalled the initial struggles and the embarrassment that often accompanies early roles.

As per a report, Durgesh Kumar revealed that his path to success was paved with daily auditions and repeated setbacks from 2013 to 2022. Amidst the challenges, he secured a minor role through auditions for 'Panchayat.' Despite being presented with unsuitable opportunities, Durgesh Kumar remained committed to authentic acting, refusing to compromise his principles for monetary gain. "I couldn't compromise my principles for monetary gain," he affirmed.


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