'Rocket Boys' Season 2 review: Jim Sarabh, Ishwak Singh starrer is all about politics, personal conflicts

'Rocket Boys Season 2' is back with its magic and shows scientist's accomplishments. The series has engaging and thrilling scenes in between which keep the audience glued to their screens.

Written by  Shimona Sharma   |  March 16th 2023 02:45 PM  |  Updated: March 16th 2023 02:45 PM

'Rocket Boys' Season 2 review: Jim Sarabh, Ishwak Singh starrer is all about politics, personal conflicts

‘Rocket Boys’ season 2  news:  The first season of Rocket Boys was bang on and the second season will also study the contributions, determinations and beliefs of two Indian Physicists named Dr Homi Jehangir Bhabha and Dr Vikram Ambalal Sarabhai in changing India into a nuclear power in the face of prominent global war risk.

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'Rocket Boys Season 2' drama review 

The series Rocket Boys 2 is created by Nikhil Advani and directed by Abhay Pannu. Further, the story talks about how essential it was for India to turn into a nuclear nation. Then, how physicist Dr Homi Bhabha, and astronomer Vikram Sarabhai is introduced space research and helped to develop nuclear power in India.

Moving on, it shows how Dr APJ Abdul Kalam who is an Indian aerospace scientist who managed to complete a huge task that could reconsider India’s International standing. Although, the outcome is known to everyone, how was the target achieved that keeps the audience glued till the end.

The story is not just about the scientists accomplished by carrying out ‘Operation Smiling Buddha’ which was India’s first successful nuclear bomb test. The story depicts all these characters changing professional equations and political involvement in the most thrilling and interesting manner. There is a lot of drama from the beginning to the end. 

Rocket Boys season 2 is described by Jim Sarabh and Ishwak Singh’s amazing screen presence. Lastly, the series allows one to experience life as of the brilliant individuals who have contributed so much to the nation. The drama is filled with engaging and thrilling scenes in between to keep the audience glued to the end. The drama will stream on the Sony Liv app. 

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