Prabh Gill releases his romantic number 'Mera Goodluck' featuring Esshanya S Maheshwari!

written by Ritika Nath | July 02, 2021

Prabh Gill one those vocalists who can melts our hearts with his soulful melodies and fill our hearts with love with his romantic songs.

The singer, who just a few days ago revealed the poster for his new song 'Mera Goodluck,' is once again making waves. The artist took to Instagram to share the first look image for his single 'Mera Goodluck,' and fans have been waiting for the song's release.

Image Source: Instagram

Finally, Prabh Gill song ‘Mera Goodluck’ has been released. The song is full of love which will definitely make you fall for it. ESSHANYA S MAHESHWARI appears in the song video alongside Prabh Gill.

Image Source: YouTube

The music video showcases how a couple’s vacation gets cancelled due to the lockdown however; Prabh Gill tries to make his wife happy with all that he can do in this situation.

Well, if you got married at the peak time before the lockdown then, you must listen to the track once and we assure you that it will become one of your favorite.

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Image Source: YouTube

When it comes to the song itself, the song is a lovely tune that will fill our hearts with love. Maninder Kailey wrote the lyrics while Desi Routz composed the music for the songs. Frame Singh directed the video, which is released on T-Series.

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