Punjabis Who Won People's Hearts In Abroad

written by Diksha Kapoor | October 28, 2020

Punjabis are the people who are found in every part of the world, Canada is that one country which welcomes Punjabis with open arms. Their rituals and culture are appreciated a lot by Canadians, but do you know Punjabis have also won the British Columbia Elections. 8 out of 22 Punjabis have won the British Columbia Elections. All of them belong to "New Democratic Party", currently the party is in a ruling state and has also secured 55 seats in the 87 member house. Harry Bains is elected for Labour Minister, he won the election from Surrey-Newton by defeating "Liberal Party's" Paul Boporai. Harry bains Raj Chouhan is chosen for Deputy Speaker, he won the Elections from Burnaby-Edmonds, he defeated the former Lok Sabha's Deputy Speaker's daughter Tript Atwal and "Liberal Party's" Charanjit Singh Atwal. ALSO READ: SHAH RUKH KHAN RECITES ‘PYAR AISE HOTA HAI’ LINES OF ‘MOHABBATEIN’ AGAIN AFTER 20 YEARS
Raj chouhan Jagrup Brar continued his Surrey-Fleetwood seat. He is elected for Parliamentary Secretary. Jagrup Brar Rachna Singh daughter of Punjabi Writer Dr Raghbir Singh a former student of Panjab University, defeated the "Liberal Party's" Dilraj Atwal and has been re-elected for Surrey-Green Timbers. Rachna singh Ravi Kahlon continues the Delta North Seat. Ravi kahlon Aman Singh won Elections for Richmond Queensborough. Aman singh Jinny Sims won the Surrey-Panorama elections. Jinny sims Nikki Sharma has won from Vancouver-Hastings Elections. Nikki sharma It happens very rarely that any migrated citizen win the Elections in the respective country. It is a moment of pride for Punjabis. No matter wherever Punjabis live they know how to win the hearts of people.


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