Rana Ranbir inspires everyone and says, 'Rishtey Nu Kamzori Na Banao; watch video

written by Ritika Nath | March 14, 2022

Rana Ranbir is one of the most gifted performers in the Punjabi entertainment industry, and his lovely and inspiring words never fail to impress the audience.

To keep his fans encouraged and motivated, the actor-writer posts inspirational videos on his social media accounts. He recently uploaded a video in which he discussed the significance of relationships even when the other person is not around.

Image Source: Instagram

Rana Ranbir states, "Pyaar Karo Rishteaan Da Aanand Lo, Par Kisi Vi Rishte Nu Apni Kamjori Na Bano'

"Tussi jinna apne aap nu, apne pyaare di ya kisi khaas rishte di haajri de vich jinna apne aap nu tagda te kamaal da mehsoos karde ho ohna de gair hajri de vich vi ohna he kamaal te tagda mehsoos karo"

Je tussi eh mehsoos karde ho taah oh rishta hai oh Mohabbat hai oh pyaar hai jo niroh hai. Rishta Mohabaat- eh taah halaara hai Raunak hai, Aage vadhan da Raah Hai, aage vadhan layo hair jhandi hai, honsla hai- te eh gair haajri de vich v aunde under hai.

Image Source: Instagram

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The writer-director has always managed to highlight the basic teachings of life with his meaningful and inspiring words. Needless to explain why the actor is much loved by everyone.

Meanwhile, talking about the professional front, Rana Ranbir has worked on numerous projects in the Punjabi entertainment industry. he is best known for his works in Asees, Ardaas Karan, Ardaas, and many others.


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