Ranjha Refugee Female Actor Saanvi Dhiman Is A Fitness Freak

Written by  PTC Buzz   |  May 07th 2018 07:36 AM  |  Updated: May 07th 2018 07:36 AM

Ranjha Refugee Female Actor Saanvi Dhiman Is A Fitness Freak

It's very important these days to keep yourself fit and maintained if you in a glamour industry because the audience has few expectations from the female actors apart from their acting skills. Thus, you look at any female actor these days, they would like to dedicate their time in the gym as well. So does Ranjha Refugee female actor Saanvi Dhiman likes to do whenever she gets free time.

The new female actor in the town Saanvi Dhiman is very fit and her fans are flattered on her looks (as per the comments on her social media profile). The real reason behind her fitness is that she spends a time in the gym and works harder to keep her body in tone.

Recently, she has posted few videos and pics of her, while doing some exercise in the gym. Here are the videos and pics for you:

Saanvi Dhiman Doing Headstand


Saanvi Dhiman Pics Outside Gym

Saanvi Dhiman Outside Gym

Saanvi Dhiman Outside Gym

After working so hard in the gym, one needs some refreshing drink to hydrate the body once again. Ranjha Refugee lead female actor Saanvi Dhiman likes to drink Nariyal Paani after doing hard work in the Gym.

Saanvi Dhiman Drinking Naariyal Paani

Saanvi Dhiman Drinking Naariyal Paani

Recently, she has been featured in one music video also. The name of the video is #Mahiya, here is the post she has shared on her Instagram Profile.

Saanvi Dhiman In A Song Mahiya


Saanvi Dhiman is very active on social media as well, and since the launch of Ranjha Refugee, she has been posting regular updates related to the movie on her social media profile.

She has recently posted one pic with the lead male actor of Ranjha Refugee, Roshan Prince. Here is the post:


Saanvi Dhiman Pic From The Set Of Ranjha Refugee

In this pic, Saanvi Dhiman can be spotted along with Director of the movie and the main lead of the movie.




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