Ranveer Singh Answers To Questions Of His Fans During Isolation Times Amidst Corona

written by Diksha Kapoor | March 24, 2020

Ranveer Singh, the charmer, had recently posted a scary and funny picture of himself which floated over the internet. Even after this, Ranveer did not stop. He came over his Instagram handle and started the 'Ask Us Anything' game. Through this, he answered several questions of his fans. Ranveer is very serious about staying home and is updating it regularly to his fans. When his fans asked him about how his Nutella intake had been during quarantine, he replied to the question by giving credits to his wife Deepika Padukone. He told how his darling wife's master creation of vanilla ice cream with crushed biscuits doused with a generous lather served the purpose of intake of Nutella. Someone even asked him about how he is spending his quarantine days. He replied to this question by posting a beautiful picture of his wife on piano. He further wrote that he is spending his time by eating, sleeping, exercising, watching movies and specially mentioned that Deepika is teaching herself to play the piano during these days. During this ask and answer session, he told people that he is currently watching 'Succession' and he loves Meena's character the most from Deepika's films. Ranveer is spending his quarantine in an amazing way. How are we spending it? Think about it. Because if it is going futile, then we need to get up and bring a change.


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