Rapper Bohemia announces closure of his music label 'Kali Denali Music'?

written by Ritika Nath | September 24, 2022 10:15am

Bohemia ends his 'Kali Denali Music': Punjabi rapper Bohemia, also known as the "Creator of Punjabi Rap," has consistently produced outstanding tracks. Almost nobody can deny the fact that Bohemia is the OG of rap. The singer-rapper surely has his own fanbase who always showers love for his music.


However, a recent update about his music label 'Kali Denali Music' has raised eyebrows for an end of an era with the closing of his KDM label. Bohemia aka Raja, a rapper and songwriter, recently tweeted an interesting update on his well-known label, Kali Denali Music. He posted a picture of a skull with the words, "Kali Denali Music 2002 - 2022," making it simple that KDM was coming to an end.

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The skull image appears to be a representation of one of Bohemia's albums, Skull & Bones: The Final Chapter, which was released on the Kali Denali Music label.

The post also included the term "Memento Mori" inscribed over the image. The word Memento Mori is a Latin phrase that means "Remember That You Must Die."

However, none of the KDM team or Bohemia has made an official announcement regarding the same.


Later, one of the KDM musicians shared a post on his official Instagram account and asked whether he and Bohemia should go live and discuss the whole thing. The post reads, "Hey Guys, Do You Want To Know What This Means? Should Bohemia Paji and I Go Live?"

Well, till Bohemia and his KDM announce official information about the same, nothing concrete can be stated about the closure of KDM.

Likewise, Bohemia has produced numerous superhit songs over the course of the label's 20-year existence.

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