Reason Vir Das didn't want to wear fancy foofoo designer for the Emmys; read to know more

Written by  Ritika Nath   |  November 24th 2021 02:30 PM  |  Updated: November 24th 2021 02:30 PM

Reason Vir Das didn't want to wear fancy foofoo designer for the Emmys; read to know more

Vir Das, an Indian comedian, who was nominated at Emmy Award was honoured for his Netflix comedy special "Vir Das - For India."

Vir’s outfit for the awards show has currently became the talk of the town. No, it didn’t made headlines because it was designed by some famous designer but was designed by a college student.

Image Source: Instagram

Yes, Vir Das wore an outfit designed by an Indian fashion designer on the International Emmy Awards red carpet. Vir shared a picture on his social media platforms where he cam be seen dressed in a black jacket, kurta, and pants in the photo. The designer who designed Vir's outfit is Pradeep Bhatt from Uttrakhand.

Who is Pradeep Bhatt?

Pradeep is an NIFT Kangra fourth-year student from Haldwani in Uttarakhand.

Image Source: Instagram

Das wore a black button-down jacket with a white kurta and black pants in an attempt to highlight the talent of emerging Indian fashion designers. There's more to the suit; Das previously stated that the outfit would be donated to charity after the event.

Earlier in an interview Vir stated that, "I did not want to wear a fancy designer so I outsourced my styling on Instagram for anyone who is struggling or starting a new label. I am wearing a Pradeep Bhatt label. He is an Uttarakhand boy who is in his FOURTH year at NIFT."

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How Pradeep Bhatt reached Vir Das?

Image Source: Instagram

It all started when Bhatt had sent an email to Vir Das as a joke. “Funny that me sending the mail started as a joke, thought nobody would even open my mail, a nobody whose WhatsApp status says “Everybody’s trynna to be famous I’m just trynna find a place to hide” and now we are here. I probably the chosen one. I had made a pact long back with myself that I will never feel pity about and rather use it as my strength,” he wrote on Instagram.

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