Sameera Reddy flaunts her white hair in the most perfect way. Calls it ‘Self Love’

written by Kirti Pathak | September 15, 2021

Sameera Reddy, a Bollywood star and mother of two, is altering the debate about fitness and encouraging her fans to appreciate their bodies. On Instagram, the actress frequently discusses wellness, mental health, and her own fitness journey.

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She shared a chat with her father where the two spoke about body image issues, aging, and acceptance. The chat is going viral on the internet, also inspiring everyone to be fearless and unapologetic.

Sameera is outspoken about mental health and body image issues, even posting about her struggles on social media. She revealed her chat with her father about hair whitening in a long note she released on Tuesday. She also uploaded uncensored photos of herself in the post, proudly flaunting her salt and pepper tresses.

Sameera Reddy Image Source- Google

Sameera revealed in the note that her father had lately inquired as to why she never colors her white hair. The actor went on to claim that she defended her decision and told him that she has grown comfortable with her mane over time and only dyes it when she feels like it.

Sameera Reddy Image Source- Instagram

Her Instagram caption stated, "My father questioned why I don't cover my white hair. He was concerned that others would pass judgment on me. 'What if they did?' I replied. Is this a sign that I'm becoming old? It's not pretty. Not properly groomed. 'Isn't it appealing?' I informed him that I am no longer paranoid about it, and that independence is exhilarating. I used to color every two weeks so that no one would see the white line."

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The actor went on to say, "Today, I take my sweet time and color whenever and wherever I want. He inquired as to why I should be the one to change the subject. Why not, I reasoned. I'm aware that I'm not alone. When old mental processes are broken, the shift and acceptance can begin. When we can simply be with each other. When confidence may emerge organically rather than being hidden behind a mask or cover. My father was aware of the situation. As a father, I understood his anxiety. Every day, we learn something new and find peace in minor changes. And it's those modest steps that lead us to greater and better things."



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