Sarbans Kaur Robot: Know all about the First Punjabi-Speaking Turbaned Robot

written by Ritika Nath | January 14, 2022

The age of science is what we are currently living in. It is not an exaggeration to suggest that scientific advancements are now playing a significant part in human life. Many recent discoveries are astounding, including the discovery of the human-robot, which is one of the most significant and revolutionary breakthroughs in this sector.

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Harjeet Singh, a computer teacher at a Jalandhar has created the world's first robot that can understand and speak Punjabi. 'Sarbans Kaur' is her name. This robot is active when its name is Sarbans Kaur is called, and it responds in Punjabi when asked a question. The robot now recites Gurbani in addition to Sat Sri Akal, as it did in the beginning.

As a teacher, Harjeet Singh said he wanted youngsters to be able to readily understand computer programming. He had designed a computer language called Sarbans in Punjabi for this purpose, based on a previous experiment in Canada. Covid put the school under lockdown during this period. When you achieve success, your desire grows stronger, which is why he decided to develop a robot.

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He created a computer programming language by translating English words into Punjabi. He began by recording his wife Jaspreet's voice. According to Harjeet Singh, we may feed whatever we want to Sarbans Kaur Robot.

According to Harjeet Singh, Sarbansdani is another name for Sikh Guru Gobind Singh ji. He was so impressed that he named this robot Sarbans Kaur.

This robot requires a peaceful environment in which to communicate by facial expressions such as closing eyes, smiling, sobbing, and expanding the mouth, among others. The next stage of Sarbans Kaur's preparation includes providing her with complete artificial intelligence. Harjeet Singh will shortly launch an online campaign called "Teach Sarbans" in order to grow his database with the support of the general public.

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