Sargun Mehta to play a cop in her Bollywood debut 'Mission Cinderella'; shares experience

written by Ritika Nath | July 10, 2022

Sargun Mehta, needs no introduction. The diva has managed to win hearts with her amazing pean actress who is well-known informances. From the girl-next-door to modern avatar, Sargun Mehta has essayed several characters in her film journey. Now, the Punjabi actress is all set to mark her Bollywood debut with Akshay Kumar in the upcoming film ‘Mission Cinderella’.

Talking about her experience Sargun recently talked about how delighted and nervous she was while shooting for the same.

"It's very important to wait for the right role, no matter where you are stepping in, especially when you are stepping in a new medium because altogether there is a new audience and they are," she says.

"They are going to perceive you and look at you in a certain way. Even the industry has formed a perception of who you are. When I was choosing it, I didn't want to stand aside and be not talked about. Whether good or bad, but no matter what it is at least there is something to talk about." Bollywood is quite different from the Punjabi film industry” said Sargun Mehta

"The Punjabi industry is still very raw. Frankly, that is also working for the industry. It's raw, upcoming since it's evolving, we are still going through our phases to find out what the people like, and what will the audience like” added further.

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"Sometimes films surprise you in a way that you didn't even expect. There are no fixed strategies, not yet at least. People think that there is no discipline and structure in the Punjabi film industry. I am somebody who has discipline in my life but I personally don't feel that there should be a lot of structure in a creative space. I enjoy being all over the place sometimes."

Sargun also revealed that she was not only excited but was also very nervous as it was her debut. Expressing her emotions she quoted, “I was so scared at first. I was excited because it's my first project in Bollywood and it was Akshay sir. Everything was giving me the jitters and I can't begin to tell you how I gave my first shot.

"I thought I would collapse. It was a rough and tough role and I was thinking about how I would do it. I am really scared and I hope it comes out well," she says.

The Saunkan Saunkane actress also revealed that she made sure to not watch something related to cops so that her performance comes out to be natural. "I think we have all watched cops since we were kids, whether it's real life, TV, films etc. When I did this role, I made sure I wasn't watching anything. I just feel that when you watch a lot of something, you tend to copy it and make a caricature out of it. I wanted to do whatever comes to me naturally” concluded Sargun Mehta.

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