Shahid Kapoor shines as a father who strives to live up to his son's expectations in the trailer for Jersey.

written by Kirti Pathak | November 23, 2021

While Shahid Kapoor has managed to age backward and appear like a college student in the flashback scenes, he has yet to break free from his Kabir Singh persona when acting outraged and in pain.

Shahid Kapoor will be returning on screens shortly with Jersey, following the much-anticipated Kabir Singh in 2019. Shahid will portray Arjun, a failing cricketer who decides to realize his ambition of representing Team India for his son in this remake of the National Award-winning Telugu film of the same name. The trailer was released on Tuesday, and we can say that this is one remake that was well worth the wait.

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The teaser provides a glimpse into the life of an unemployed Arjun, who is forced to ask his wife for money in order to purchase his son a birthday present. He then steals from her pocketbook when she refuses. His sole purpose in life is to make his child proud of him. We're also shown flashbacks of him going on a rampage on the cricket field. His first love was ripped from him as a star cricketer, and when he decides to return to it, his family threatens to abandon him. for money in order to buy a birthday present for his son. When she declines, he then steals from her wallet. His main reason for existing is to make his child proud of him. We also see flashbacks of him running amok on the cricket field. As a star cricketer, his first love was stolen from him, and when he wishes to return to it, his family threatens to desert him.

Jersey appears to be the ideal Bollywood picture, with family drama, romance, sports, and a dash of action thrown in for good measure.

The original sports drama, directed by Gowtam Tinnanuri, won honors at the 67th National Film Awards in 2019 for Best Telugu Film and Best Editing.

Shahid Kapoor had stated during an Instagram live that he was "unhappy" with the way his career was shaping out before his triumph with Kabir Singh in 2019. "Before Kabir Singh, I watched Jersey. I was unhappy at the time I saw it. I used to be concerned about where my career would take me and what I would do next. As a result, the story of Jersey, which is about late achievement, resonated with me. It's about a man who achieves greatness when everyone else is retiring," the actor explained.

Shahid Kapoor Jersery Image Source-Google

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"Four-five times cry," he says. Shahid also claimed that several people discouraged him from shooting the Jersey remake, advising him to avoid playing his age after his role in Kabir Singh as a college student.

Jersey, starring Shahid Kapoor, will be released on December 31.

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