written by Pradeep Singh | August 16, 2017 05:12pm

Ramya Krishna is a veteran actress who has played seductive roles in movies during her younger days. She played a character of iconic and fierce Rajamata Sivgami Devi in SS Rajamouli's "Bahubali", which gave her an iternational fame. She was appreciated for her wide-opened eyes portrayal. She told in an interview, that when director SS Rajamouli casted her for the team of Bahubali, she was confused to take that role. Because it was a high budget movie with a long shooting period. The actress was not quite sure if the movie will complete shooting and will be released on screen. But she thanked God for nothing had happened as per her thoughts. The whole team worked together for the movie and results are in front of the country.

Recently, the actress was seen on the front page of an International Magazine. Normally, the front pages of the magazines are occupied with the young and glamorous heroines. But, this magazine chose Ramya Krishnan for their cover page. Undoubtedly, the actress is looking sizzling and stunning. Although she is not so young, but she proved that the aged actresses can also look equally graceful, stunning and sizzling hot. She is wearing one shoulder top and a necklace in the poster. She supported the classy look and she is looking lovely and elegant. This lady knows how to leave an impact on people's mind. Her confident body language has given a new dimension to her look in the cover of magazine. We are simply loving Ramya Krishnan's makeover and we have a reason to move on from "Sivgami".

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