Sonakshi Sinha issues statement after 'false news' of a 'non-bailable warrant' against her surfaced

written by Ritika Nath | March 08, 2022

On the rumors, of a non-bailable warrant being issued against Sonakshi Sinha, she has released an official statement. It's a 'work of fiction,' according to the actress, who also believes it's an attempt to harass her. It's a PR gimmick, she claims, aimed at her reputation.

Sonakshi Sinha has slammed a recent story alleging that she was the subject of a non-bailable warrant in a fraud case. The actress was accused of failing to show up for an event for which she had allegedly paid Rs 37 lakh in advance, according to the newspaper.

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The actress has spoken out against the claim, calling it "false news." Sonakshi Sinha issued a remark about the situation on her Instagram Stories. “There have been rumors of a nonbailable warrant issued against me floating in the media, without any verification from any authorities since a few days now. This is pure fiction and the work of a rogue individual trying to harass me," Sonakshi said.

I request all media houses, journalists, and news reporters not to carry this fake news as it is playing into this individual’s agenda to gain publicity.  This man is purely trying to gain some publicity and extort money from me by attacking my reputation which I have very proudly built over the years, by planting these malicious articles in the media. Kindly do not participate in this harassment charade, Sonakshi claimed further.

Image Source: Instagram

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For the uninformed, the Bollywood actress was recently placed in serious legal trouble after a Delhi event organizer allegedly filed a lawsuit against her. Sonakshi was accused of accepting Rs 37 lakhs for an event and then failing to show up. Pramod Sharma, the event's organizer, claims the actress was invited as the function's principal guest. On the day of the event, however, she failed to show up.

Sonakshi Sharma allegedly attempted to contact her manager for a refund but was turned down. He filed a case of fraud against her after attempting to contact her personally.


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