Sunny Leone faces backlash from audience following her song 'Madhuban' releases; details inisde

written by Ritika Nath | December 23, 2021

Sunny Leone is one of those celebrities who is frequently in the news for various reasons. With her video Madhuban, Sunny is back in the limelight. The actress has been accused of offending religious sensibilities.

Image Source: Instagram

Sunny just posted on her Instagram and Twitter accounts about her newly released video song Madhuban. However, the actress received backlash from some of the audience as they claim that the song has hurt the religious sentiments.

While Sunny's followers love this song, many people are offended by the mention of Goddess Radha in it. This song has gotten a lot of feedback.

On Sunny Leone's Instagram and Twitter pages, as well as Saregama's official YouTube channel, people have left numerous remarks.

Image Source: Instagram

According to one user, he quoted that the makers of the song didn't hear the lyrics before performing this song. Another user remarked on Sunny's Twitter account saying everyone in India knows that the Indian people regard Goddess Radha as their mother and love her.

One of the users wrote, Bollywood, does not respect people's religious sensibilities; whenever it does something that offends Hinduism, it is not just wrong, but also highly abhorrent.

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Some stated that it demonstrates our country's respect for religion, while another wrote that regardless of religion, whether Bollywood or anything else, we should all treat all religions equally and act accordingly. It should not be permitted to offend people of any faith. Some others voiced their displeasure by posting messages on social media such as Boycott Bollywood and other similar topics.

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