The Concept Of Live Shows Is Dead In Country: Babbu Maan

written by Sakshi Batra | April 24, 2018

Babbu Maan is counted amongst the best vocalists of Punjabi Music Industry. His many of the songs are still the party preferences. He is not only a singer but an actor, producer, and lyricist as well. He has given so much to the Music market and many hit movies to count on his achievements. He has been continuously entertaining us for last 2 decades. His songs and live shows are World famous and people in huge count visit for his live shows.

He was interviewed a few days back, in which he mentioned that the concept of live shows is becoming dead. He said, "There's a big problem with respect to live shows in this country. Now, There are so many music channels, which play music for 24 hours, all day long. They also showcase concerts on their channels. There are hardly any live concerts that happen now. Take Delhi for example, apart from six or seven big concerts. there is nothing in the city."

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zumba - babbu maan

He added, "It's dead.. the concept of the live shows is dead in the country..." Artists livelihood depends on the live shows, but they don't happen anymore. In today's time, 90 percent of the artists are forced to perform in weddings and birthday functions.

zumba - babbu maan

Babbu Maan has released his latest album "Ik C Pagal" which has a nice collection of songs. His released song "Zumba" is still trending on Youtube. The lyrics and the melody have also been done by Maan himself. All the songs are different from one another. It has all the flavors and songs of every genre.

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