Aadujeevitham or The Goat Life Trailer: Prithviraj Sukumaran Brings Tale of Survival and Struggle

Written by  Ritika Nath   |  March 09th 2024 04:53 PM  |  Updated: March 09th 2024 04:53 PM

Aadujeevitham or The Goat Life Trailer: Prithviraj Sukumaran Brings Tale of Survival and Struggle

Aadujeevitham Trailer: The much-awaited Malayalam film, Aadujeevitham (also known as The Goat Life), starring Prithviraj Sukumaran, is set to hit the big screens on March 28th. Directed by National Award-winner Blessy, this survival drama is adapted from the 2008 Malayalam novel of the same name by Benyamin, inspired by a true incident.

Aadujeevitham Trailer

The story follows Najeeb, played by Prithviraj Sukumaran, a migrant laborer who ventures to Saudi Arabia in search of work but ends up enslaved as a goat herder. The film explores the challenges he faces, depicting his journey through the harsh desert and his struggle for freedom.

The Goat Life has been in the making since 2009, with the trailer released recently. In the trailer, viewers get a glimpse of Najeeb's character and the physical and mental transformations he undergoes. The repeated line, 'Andar se koi bahar na jaa sake (No one should be able to escape from inside),' encapsulates the life of the goats and mirrors Najeeb's predicament in the Middle East.

The film promises to be a chilling experience, with exceptional cinematography, vibrant colors, and a compelling soundtrack that adds depth to the narrative. Aadujeevitham is not just a film; it's a bone-chilling retelling of Najeeb's real-life journey.

Aadujeevitham's Inspiration

Adapted from Benyamin's book, which draws from a true story from the 1990s, the film sheds light on the plight of migrant workers forced into unexpected and difficult situations. The captivating narrative revolves around Najeeb's convergence with the lives of the goats he herds and his eventual escape from the desert.

Considered one of the most ambitious projects in Malayalam cinema, Aadujeevitham boasts a stellar cast, including Prithviraj Sukumaran, Amala Paul, Talib Al Balushi, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Rik Aby, and more. Notably, Jimmy Jean-Louis and Steven Adams joined as producers in 2015, with AR Rahman composing the music.

About Aadujeevitham

Despite facing challenges during its production, including a 70-day lockdown in Jordan due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the film is finally ready to captivate audiences with its intense storytelling and powerful performances. Get ready for a theatrical experience like no other as Aadujeevitham unfolds the harrowing journey of Najeeb in this compelling survival drama.


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