Did you Know Sukumar's blockbuster action thriller 'Pushpa' was initially planned as a full fledged web series?

Written by  Durtimans   |  February 19th 2024 03:21 PM  |  Updated: February 19th 2024 03:21 PM

Did you Know Sukumar's blockbuster action thriller 'Pushpa' was initially planned as a full fledged web series?

Released back in 2021, 'Pushpa: The Rise' has stormed the Indian film industry with it's enthralling creation, created by Sukumar's cinematic finesse. From it's storyline to it's eye stealing performances by the actors, the movie has left no chunks to complain! After four whopping years, as the makers are now bringing back Pushpa's dominance with it's second sequel, audiences seems super anticipated to get their hands on Pushpa Part two that is named 'Pushpa: The Rule'. Amidst all the ignited anticipation, recently a video started surfacing over the internet realm where the starry casts of the movie could be seen revealing about Pushpa's initial plan to bring in television as a web series rather than a movie. So what led Sukumar to make it into a movie while Pushpa could have been an enthralling television show otherwise? 

Pushpa was suppose to be a TV series? 

Reecntly, a video went viral on the socials featuring Allu Arjun, Rashmika Mandanna and it's sailor Sukumar from some 'unknown' chat show wherein they are seen revealing on the initial making of Pushpa. As per the maker, their plan with Pushpa was to give it a shape of a full fledged television series as it has a lot of characters but eventually made it into a film to give it's audience an spectacular experience of cinema. But however, Pushpa is going to be a long filmy franchise with nemerous sequels and parts as the makers have access to many such materials for continuing it's forging storyline. 

Puhspa part 3 breakdown

Stirring the media, Indian cinema goers and many of his fanatics, actor Allu Arjun has recently revealed the possibility of Pushpa: Part 3. Yes, you heard it correct, shocking everyone at the film festival, he said, "You can definitely expect a Part 3 to Pushpa. We do want to make it a franchise and, we have exciting ideas for the lineup." This very statement made by the leading star himself has ignited an immense craze among the Pushpa fandom to dig around deeper and if possible, wait for getting served with further updates from it's prolific director Sukumar. And it is indeed true as Allu Arjjun co-star Fahaadh Faasil during one of his earlier interviews has said something similar to the recent news. As per Fahaad's given hints, the possibility of Pushpa Part 3 is very high as Sukumar is accessible to mahy such materials gained through the overtime research, which can possibly make Pushpa, a full fledged Indian franchise.  


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