After Third Marriage, Shoaib Malik Flirts With Another Pakistani Actress: Shocking Details Inside!

Written by  Prerit Chauhan   |  April 03rd 2024 01:02 PM  |  Updated: April 03rd 2024 01:02 PM

After Third Marriage, Shoaib Malik Flirts With Another Pakistani Actress: Shocking Details Inside!

Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik has once again found himself in the limelight, albeit for less than flattering reasons. In January 2024, Malik caused quite a stir when he shared images of his third marriage, this time with well-known Pakistani actress Sana Javed, following his divorce from Sania Mirza. The announcement was met with a flurry of criticism and trolling, yet Malik remained undeterred. However, recent allegations have once again thrust him into the center of attention, this time regarding his alleged flirtatious exchanges with actress Naval Saeed.

Naval Saeed, a prominent figure in the Pakistani entertainment industry, recently made an appearance on a Ramadan show where she divulged some startling revelations. When asked about receiving flirtatious messages from actors, Naval Saeed confessed that the majority of such messages actually originate from cricketers. Expressing her discomfort with this, she stressed the importance of cricketers maintaining appropriate conduct as representatives of the nation on an international stage.

The spotlight then turned to Shoaib Malik when Naval Saeed was asked directly whether he was among those sending her messages on Instagram. Rather than providing a verbal response, Saeed chose to respond with a smile, skillfully evading the inquiry before eventually breaking into laughter. The exchange was captured on video and has since gone viral across social media platforms, prompting widespread speculation about Malik's alleged involvement.

Shoaib Malik's Post-Marital Flirtations: Pakistani Actress Drops Bombshell!

Adding fuel to the fire, Naval Saeed also mentioned during the show that she keeps screenshots of messages from cricketers who admire her beauty, implying that such exchanges are not uncommon in her experience.

But who is Naval Saeed? She is a renowned Pakistani actress who made her debut with a minor role in the drama "Yakeen Ka Safar" in 2017, marking the beginning of a successful career. Since then, she has showcased her talent in various dramas such as "Aangan," "Fariyaad," "Sitaray," "Dil e Veeran," "Daag e Dil," and "Mah e Tamam." Presently, Naval is starring in the drama "Jaan e Jahan," portraying the character of a widow.


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