CCL 2024: Punjab de Sher Prepares to Take on Telugu Warriors in High-Stakes Match

Written by  Prerit Chauhan   |  March 01st 2024 11:53 AM  |  Updated: March 01st 2024 11:53 AM

CCL 2024: Punjab de Sher Prepares to Take on Telugu Warriors in High-Stakes Match

The commencement of the new season of the Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) in Sharjah has ignited fervor and anticipation across the cricketing realm. Renowned personalities from Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood, Mollywood, and Bhojpuri film industries stand proudly as representatives of their respective teams in this glamorous tournament.

Salman Khan Sets the Stage for CCL 2024

The inauguration of Celebrity Cricket League 10 in the UAE unfolded yesterday, with Salman Khan gracing the event and pledging blockbuster entertainment for the audience. The Bollywood icon expressed his enthusiasm for CCL 2024 in his pre-match address.


In the opening clash of CCL 2024, the Mumbai Heroes emerged victorious against the Kerala Strikers. Despite Kerala Strikers gaining an initial lead of 8 runs while chasing a target of 76 runs in the first innings, Mumbai Heroes staged a remarkable comeback. With stellar performances from Sharad Kelkar and Navdeep, Mumbai Heroes posted a formidable total of 100 runs in their second innings, setting Kerala Strikers a daunting target of 92 runs within 10 overs.

Telugu Warriors and Punjab de Sher Gear Up for Showdown

The upcoming 7th match of the Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) promises a thrilling showdown between the defending champions, the Telugu Warriors, and the Punjab de Sher. Scheduled for Friday, March 1st, in Hyderabad, this highly anticipated clash is poised to offer excitement for cricket enthusiasts.

Team Updates and Expectations

The Telugu Warriors have commenced the 2024 season on a positive note, securing a convincing victory against the Bhojpuri Dabbanggs by 8 wickets. Conversely, the Sher’s faced defeat in their inaugural match against the Chennai Rhinos, trailing by 41 runs.Cricket fans are eagerly awaiting the live action, exploring options for CCL live streaming, including free platforms.

 Punjab de Sher Aiming for Victory

Excitement mounts for the Punjab de Sher as Harrdy Sandhu gears up to make his mark in Hyderabad. Ahead of the anticipated showdown with the Telugu Warriors, Sandhu and the team have demonstrated remarkable dedication during practice sessions.

With players flying in from various cities to Hyderabad and engaging in late-night practice sessions, the Punjab de Sher team's commitment is commendable. The team's fervent spirit and determination serve as a source of inspiration, and fans eagerly anticipate their performance in the upcoming match, hoping for a triumphant victory.


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