Did Sunny Deol Cheat and Forge After Gadar 2's Success? Producer Claims Rs 2.55 Crores Missing

Sunny Deol has forged an agreement with a Producer in 2023 as per the reports. Producer Sorav Gupta claimed that Sunny Deol cheated him, extorted money, and committed forgery.

Written by  Ritika Nath   |  May 30th 2024 03:08 PM  |  Updated: May 30th 2024 03:08 PM

Did Sunny Deol Cheat and Forge After Gadar 2's Success? Producer Claims Rs 2.55 Crores Missing

Film producer Sorav Gupta, who heads Sundawn Entertainment Pvt Ltd, has made serious allegations against actor and Member of Parliament Sunny Deol. At a press conference held earlier this week, Gupta claimed that Deol cheated him, extorted money, and committed forgery.

Allegations on Sunny Deol

Gupta, a real estate developer who turned to film production, stated that in 2016, he gave Sunny Deol an advance payment to star in a film. Despite receiving the money, Deol never started working on the project. Instead, he continued to ask for more money while promising to begin the film soon. Gupta alleges that Deol ultimately did not fulfill his commitment, especially after his recent film, "Gadar 2," became a massive hit.

Details from the Press Conference

"We gave him ₹1 crore in advance, but instead of starting my film, he chose to shoot for 'Poster Boys' (2017) instead," Gupta explained. "He kept asking me for more money, and by now, ₹2.55 crore is in Sunny ji’s account. He also made me give money to another director, book Filmistaan studio, and hire an executive producer."

Gupta further accused Deol of forging an agreement with his company in 2023. "When we read the agreement, we saw that he had changed a page in the middle, increasing his fee from ₹4 crore to ₹8 crore and the profit share to ₹2 crore," Gupta said.

Support from Filmmaker Suneel Darshan

Filmmaker Suneel Darshan, known for movies like "Janwar" (1999) and "Andaaz" (2003), also attended the press conference to support Gupta. Darshan claimed that Deol had similarly wronged him. "Sunny Deol acquired the rights to my movie 'Ajay' (1996) for overseas distribution and only made a partial payment. The balance never came through," Darshan stated. He added that Deol later convinced him to work on another project, asking for faith and financial help, but never followed through.

Legal Action

Gupta mentioned that he had filed a police complaint against Deol. "The police issued a notice to Deol on April 30. His office replied, saying he was out of town on the day he was supposed to present himself," Gupta said.

Sunny Deol's Recent Success

Sunny Deol's recent film, "Gadar 2," released in August 2023, was a blockbuster hit. He is now set to star in the sequel to his 1997 movie, "Border." "Border 2" will feature Deol in a military role alongside Ayushmann Khurrana, and Anurag Singh will direct the film.


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