A New Era of Horror: Green Entertainment's Siyaah Series Set to Haunt Television Screens

"Siyaah" - A Pakistani horror film converted into an anthology series for television, featuring a star-studded cast of the industry's top names in 19 unique storylines with visually stunning production, promises to be a groundbreaking addition to the genre.

Written by  Entertainment Desk   |  May 04th 2023 04:03 PM  |  Updated: May 04th 2023 04:06 PM

A New Era of Horror: Green Entertainment's Siyaah Series Set to Haunt Television Screens

Green Entertainment is set to bring a new wave of excitement to viewers with its latest content release on television. Following the successful trailer releases of various dramas, the production company is venturing into a new genre with their upcoming horror series anthology, based on the hit Pakistani film, "Siyaah."

The trailer for the series is full of suspense and promises a thrilling experience with several jump scares. However, what truly adds to the excitement is the ensemble cast, as this marks the first time that so many stars have come together for a single show.

Some of the most renowned names in the Pakistani drama industry will be gracing the series, including Adnan Siddiqui, Affan Waheed, Faysal Quraishi, Hania Aamir, Hareem Farooq, Mariyam Nafees, Maryam Noor, Noor Zafar Khan, Sami Khan, Usama Khan, and Zhalay. Additionally, viewers can look forward to new actors Shahveer Jafry and Arslan Naseer appearing in some of the episodes.

The posters for the Siyaah series have already caught the attention of viewers, leaving them hungry for more. With 19 episodes, each with a unique storyline and featuring some of the industry's top stars, the series promises to be a treat for viewers.

The production value of the series is exceptional, making the horror episodes visually stunning and more enticing for viewers. Green Entertainment's track record of delivering high-quality content has only amplified the excitement and anticipation for the Siyaah series.

In summary, Green Entertainment's venture into the horror genre with the Siyaah series is an exciting opportunity for viewers. With a talented cast, intriguing storylines, and visually striking production, the series is poised to captivate horror fans. The Siyaah series has the potential to set new standards in the Pakistani drama industry with its fresh and innovative approach.


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