The Untold Story Behind Sonakshi Sinha's Apology to Manisha Koirala

Sonakshi Sinha's recent apology to her co-star Manisha Koirala has sparked intrigue among fans of the Netflix series 'Heeramandi'. In a candid interview, Sinha revealed her deep admiration for Koirala's talent, prompting her to reflect on her own performance in the series.

Written by  Prerit Chauhan   |  May 18th 2024 01:59 PM  |  Updated: May 18th 2024 01:59 PM

The Untold Story Behind Sonakshi Sinha's Apology to Manisha Koirala

Sanjay Leela Bhansali's latest creation, 'Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar', has emerged as a focal point of discussion since its premiere on Netflix on May 1. This multi-starrer series, boasting an ensemble cast including Sonakshi Sinha, Manisha Koirala, Richa Chadha, and others, has captivated audiences with its portrayal of the intricate lives of courtesans. Among the standout performances, Sonakshi Sinha's depiction of both mother Rehana and daughter Fareeda has received widespread acclaim, elevating discussions about her acting prowess to new heights.

However, amidst the accolades, an unexpected narrative emerged when Sonakshi Sinha publicly extended an apology to her co-star, the esteemed Manisha Koirala. In a candid interview with Instant Bollywood, Sinha confessed her admiration for Koirala's talent and expressed remorse for any perceived shortcomings in her own performance. "I adore her," Sinha remarked, reflecting on Koirala's influence on her craft. "Upon completing the series, I felt compelled to apologize to her! I questioned myself, how could I have done that? Where did I find the audacity? She is remarkable, and the beauty lies in acting alongside such talent, as it pushes you to excel."

The apology stemmed from Sinha's deep-seated reverence for Koirala's illustrious career and her aspiration to deliver her best while sharing the screen with her idol. Sinha emphasized the joy of collaboration and camaraderie experienced during the filming process, underscoring the enriching nature of working alongside seasoned performers like Koirala. "It's delightful to share laughter and jokes; it fosters a sense of camaraderie. Working with Manisha ma'am was truly enjoyable," Sinha expressed, highlighting the mutual respect and admiration that permeated the set of 'Heeramandi'.

In addition to addressing her personal sentiments towards Koirala, Sinha offered insights into her approach towards handling critiques of the series. Despite 'Heeramandi' receiving a mixed reception from critics and audiences alike, Sinha adopted a pragmatic outlook, choosing to focus on the positive aspects of the project. "I choose to filter out the negativity and focus on the positivity," Sinha asserted, emphasizing her commitment to delivering her role to the best of her ability. She acknowledged the inevitability of differing opinions and affirmed her dedication to her craft above all else.


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