Vicky Jain's Comments Elicit Strong Response from Pooja Bhatt in Big Boss Season 17

Pooja Bhatt Takes a Stand Against Disrespectful Behavior on Big Boss Season 17. Vicky's comment on Mannara's seating style not only disturbed the actress but also triggered a vehement response from Pooja Bhatt.

By Prerit Chauhan
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The highly anticipated grand finale of Big Boss Season 17 is on the horizon, with eager fans awaiting the revelation of the ultimate winner. As the season nears its climax, a recent nomination task has intensified tensions within the house, pitting contestants against each other in a bid to avoid elimination. However, amidst the strategic gameplay, an incident involving contestant Vicky Jain and actress Mannara Chopra has sparked controversy, prompting strong reactions from Bollywood luminary Pooja Bhatt.


The ongoing nomination task has divided housemates into two teams, each engrossed in preventing nominations through various challenges. It was during one of these tasks that Vicky Jain made an inappropriate comment about Mannara Chopra's seating style, a remark that not only upset Mannara but also drew the ire of Pooja Bhatt, who took to various social media platforms to express her displeasure.

Vicky Jain's Remarks Stir Discord in Big Boss House

In a particular torture task, Mannara and another contestant, Abhishek Munwar, found themselves in a precarious situation. Abhishek stood in front, shielding Mannara, who sat on the armrest of a sofa. Vicky's comment on Mannara's seating style not only disturbed the actress but also triggered a vehement response from Pooja Bhatt. Without explicitly naming Vicky,Bhatt conveyed her discontent, stating, "The way you are sitting is very cheap." Pooja's solidarity with Mannara was evident as she condemned the inappropriate comment, emphasizing the need for respectful behavior on the show.


Pooja Bhatt continued her criticism by highlighting the broader issue at hand. She remarked, "This remark was made by a male contestant to Mannara Chopra, who was trying to defend her friend. When the façade is dropped, they demean a woman and then label themselves as gentlemen. This is far from acceptable." Bhatt's words shed light on the underlying gender dynamics and the importance of maintaining a respectful environment within the confines of the Big Boss house.

The controversy further escalated during the second round of the torture task when Vicky Jain retrieved hidden ration before Abhishek Munwar. This action infuriated Vicky, leading him to attempt to take ration from Munwar. In the process, Mannara and Abhishek intervened. Vicky, undeterred, made another derogatory comment, saying, "Are you feeling good sitting in a boy's lap? Does it feel good? Look at how you're sitting. It looks very cheap. Eww. Mannara, if you come in between, you will be pushed. The way you are sitting is very wrong."

Ankita, another contestant, joined Pooja Bhatt in rebuking Vicky's inappropriate comments. However, Vicky remained unresponsive, persisting in making disrespectful remarks. The incident has ignited discussions on social media, with fans and viewers expressing their opinions on the need for a more respectful and inclusive atmosphere within the Big Boss house.


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