Vivek Oberoi's Father Opens Up About His Career Battles and Personal Sacrifices

From his debut films to his breakthrough role in Ram Gopal Varma's 'Company,' Vivek showcased promise and talent. However, his career took a tumultuous turn after he spoke out against industry heavyweight Salman Khan

Written by  Prerit Chauhan   |  June 07th 2024 01:10 PM  |  Updated: June 07th 2024 01:10 PM

Vivek Oberoi's Father Opens Up About His Career Battles and Personal Sacrifices

 Vivek Oberoi's story stands as a testament to the unpredictable currents that shape an actor's journey. Emerging onto the silver screen with a flurry of promising performances, Vivek's trajectory seemed destined for the stars. However, behind the glitz and glamour lies a narrative of perseverance, familial support, and the harsh realities of the industry.

Vivek Oberoi's foray into acting was marked by a string of notable films that garnered both critical acclaim and commercial success. Yet, despite these early triumphs, his ascent did not mirror that of his contemporaries. Reflecting on the hurdles encountered during Vivek's debut, his father, Suresh Oberoi, offers poignant insights into the struggles they faced. Hours spent outside producers' offices, clutching Vivek's photograph, epitomized the relentless pursuit of a dream.

"I have nurtured Vivek's talent since his childhood," Suresh Oberoi reminisces, underscoring the familial investment in Vivek's artistic development. From stage performances to courses at the prestigious FTII, Vivek's journey was meticulously crafted under his father's tutelage. Suresh's unwavering support extended to moments of personal sacrifice, as he candidly recalls stationing himself outside producers' abodes, a silent sentinel amidst the tumult of Bollywood's corridors.

It was amidst these trials that fate intervened in the form of Ram Gopal Varma, offering Vivek a pivotal role in 'Company.' Yet, even as success beckoned, Vivek's path was not without its share of thorns. A pivotal moment arrived when he dared to speak out against Bollywood heavyweight Salman Khan, igniting a firestorm of controversy. Suresh Oberoi reflects on this tumultuous chapter, acknowledging the toll it exacted on Vivek's career.

"His career took a tumultuous turn after speaking out against Salman," Suresh laments, acknowledging the seismic repercussions of Vivek's actions. The fallout was swift and unforgiving, as Vivek found himself ensnared in a web of industry politics and media scrutiny. Yet, amidst the tempest, Suresh remains a steadfast pillar of support, navigating his son through the storm with unwavering resolve.


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