Two men in Chicago wear saree for friend's wedding; watch video

written by Ritika Nath | November 15, 2022 06:52pm

Fashion is gradually dismantling barriers. After women began wearing men's apparel, males are now gradually beginning to wear clothing that is designated as "for women exclusively." Two men are seen going through Chicago's streets while wearing sarees to their Indian friend's wedding in one such online video that has gone viral.

Two males showed up at the wedding location of their friend in sarees, as seen in a wholesome video that has leaked online. The groom's buddies shocked him by donning traditional garb from his homeland, shattering gender norms about gendered attire. The groom's response to his buddies' prank, as well as the meaning behind the gesture, are what distinguish the film from others.

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With the caption, "Just a regular wedding morning with the groom's 2 best men walking down Michigan Ave in sarees," Chicago-based wedding videographers Paraagonfilms posted the video to their Instagram account.

In Chicago, a desi groom apparently had plans to marry in accordance with Hindu customs. His "best men" appear to have pulled off their mission of dressing in Indian garb very well. Along with bindis, the pair finished off their appearance. The groom started to giggle when he saw his buddies.

More than 312k people have watched the video so far, and there have been a tonne of comments. One user said, "This is very wholesome," and another added, "The boys are getting more inventive!!! Love it!

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