Urfi Javed lashes out Chahatt Khanna for supporting Chetan Bhagat

written by Shimona Sharma | November 30, 2022 03:34pm

Urfi Javed News: The social media sensation Urfi Javed slammed Chahatt Khanna for supporting Chetan Bhagat's comment about her dressing sense and also asked her to stop making news by using her name for publicity. It seems like the ugly war between Urfi Javed and Chahaat Khanna is not going to end so soon.

While the two of them strongly disagree with each other, they have again complicated the situation after Chahaat supported Chetan Bhagat for calling Urfi a distraction for the youth.

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She also vented out the amount of anger and frustration she had. Urfi took to her Instagram stories to share the video where Chahhat is openly supporting Bhagat's statement and she said that she was happy to see people who opposing Urfi's indecent fashion.

Urfi further added that they both fall in the category of not respected people. Urfi did not spare any individual who commented on her dressing sense so she penned down a long note for Chahhat where she dragged both her daughters Zohra and Amaira into the controversy. She went on to say that if tomorrow, when her daughters grow up a man, harasses them because of their clothes then she should not forget what she said about her dressing sense.

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