Viral video: Ranbir Kapoor throws fan's phone as he fails to click a selfie

Written by  Ritika Nath   |  January 27th 2023 07:14 PM  |  Updated: January 27th 2023 07:14 PM

Viral video: Ranbir Kapoor throws fan's phone as he fails to click a selfie

Angry Ranbir Kapoor throws fan's phone: Ranbir Kapoor, one of the most well-liked actors in the nation, has a sizable social media fan base. Although the actor doesn't have a dedicated Instagram page, his fan pages have followers that follow his daily activities.


The actor Ranbir Kapoor can be seen in a viral video on social media snatching away a fan's phone when the fan was attempting to take a selfie with him. The actor can be seen in the video joking about and taking selfies with the young admirer holding a phone. The man can be seen attempting to take the ideal selfie multiple times, but he always falls short. Ranbir Kapoor becomes upset by this and demands the man's phone, which he throws away.

In the video, a young boy grabs his phone to take a selfie with Ranbir. He tries repeatedly after being unsatisfied until the actor becomes irritated, removes his phone, and tosses it away.

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Ranbir's actions in the video were labeled "rude" by online users. Many admirers also expressed how rare it was for the actor to lose it in front of the crowd in that way. Other followers emphasised how he had never previously been observed acting in such a manner toward them.


But eventually, it was discovered that the viral footage came from one of Ranbir's commercials after much internet commotion. It appears that the actor was filming for a phone commercial alongside that young actor when a video was created and spread online. It's unclear whether the video was intended to go viral in order to draw attention to the company the actor is endorsing or whether it was just unintentionally chosen by internet users to go viral.

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