'Brainwashed by Fashion industry' claims Kangana Ranaut as she bids farewell to airport look

Kangana Ranaut bids goodbye to airport looks. Says she was a 'victim of captalism'.

Written by  Ritika Nath   |  June 03rd 2023 01:04 PM  |  Updated: June 03rd 2023 01:04 PM

'Brainwashed by Fashion industry' claims Kangana Ranaut as she bids farewell to airport look

Actress Kangana Ranaut has announced her departure from the realm of airport looks, referring to herself as a "victim of capitalism" who has moved beyond that phase.

Taking to Instagram, Kangana claimed credit for initiating the trend of airport looks in India and shared a series of her own airport outfits. Through a string of Instagram stories, she showcased various ensembles she had worn over the years, featuring clothing and accessories from international brands. In one image, she is seen donning a lavender dress paired with a light pink overcoat. Alongside the photo, Kangana wrote, "Only person to blame for starting the stupid trend of airport looks."

As she posted more photos of herself from airports, Kangana attributed her involvement in the trend to the influence of fashion magazines. She expressed her disappointment, stating, "Brainwashed by magazine editors and the fashion industry to resemble a Western woman, only to contribute to the coffers of international designers." In her subsequent story, she added, "I feel ashamed for not repeating clothes and for not considering the environmental impact of my choices."

Continuing to share pictures, Kangana delved deeper into her critique, highlighting the systemic issue at hand. She wrote, "While I act like a bimbo, the system hails me as a fashionista, encouraging me to promote more international brands, while our own artisans and craftsmen face a slow and steady demise." She further criticized the commodification of her wardrobe choices, stating, "They slyly attach price tags to everything I wear, turning it into a matter of vanity for me. And guess what? I fell into the trap. Now, it's not just about style; it's about brands, even for someone genuinely stylish. Fashion brands make you work for them for free, simply by sending clothes and bags. They gradually hijack entire cultures and traditions of civilizations."

In a final act of bidding farewell to airport looks, Kangana posted a collage featuring several of her past outfits and posed a thought-provoking question to herself: "If this is how an Indian woman looks, then what does an American woman look like?" Putting an end to the trend, she concluded, "Bye bye airport looks. We have moved beyond that phase. Now, whenever I buy a piece of clothing, I question how many Indians will benefit from it!"


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