'Dhoom 4': John Abraham to return in the classic cult by YRF? Here's the truth

John Abraham in 'Dhoom 4': Bollywood actor John Abraham after impressing everyone as 'Jim' in 'Pathaan' is set to return as the handsome criminal in the awaited cult series 'Dhoom 4'.

Written by  Ritika Nath   |  April 29th 2023 03:05 PM  |  Updated: April 29th 2023 03:05 PM

'Dhoom 4': John Abraham to return in the classic cult by YRF? Here's the truth

John Abraham in 'Dhoom 4': Rumors are rampant that John Abraham, renowned as the sexiest man in Bollywood, may reprise his iconic role as Kabir, a sly criminal in the film Dhoom. His ripped physique and rugged demeanor left an indelible mark on the audience. Fans were eager for his return in subsequent Dhoom movies. Recent speculation suggests that the producers may revive the franchise and cast John once again as the villain, fulfilling the fervent wish of his admirers.

According to the source, it won't be shocking if Yash Raj Productions decides to put him in a negative role for Dhoom 4 yet again. At YRF, there have actually been daily meetings for the past number of days, and John has frequently been observed attending them.

Over the years, Dhoom has developed a cult following and is regarded as a classic for a number of reasons. The plot of the movie was original for its period, which was refreshing for the viewers. A novelty for Indian cinema, the movie introduced the idea of fast-paced bike chases.

The source continued, "If you recall, Dhoom's climax was open-ended.

It was unclear if John's on-screen persona had perished or managed to flee in the movie. He might decide to rejoin the Dhoom franchise as a result of this uncertainty."

Despite the fact that there have been no developments regarding the renowned franchise to date, it would be a visual joy to see John again as a handsome criminal.

John's depiction as a notorious antagonist in the movie "Pathaan" garnered immense admiration from his fans. In response to the overwhelming support he received, John expressed his gratitude and commented, "It's amazing how much love I've been receiving for playing Jim in Pathaan." He went on to mention that his audience's love and adulation are the primary driving force behind his acting career. While he acknowledges the significance of achievements and accomplishments, he is thrilled that Pathaan has become a monumental blockbuster. The fact that audiences have taken a liking to his character, Jim, and are eager for more has come as a delightful surprise to him.


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