'Don 3': Ranveer Singh replacing Shah Rukh Khan in 'Don franchise' leaves netizens divided

Ranveer Singh replaces SRK in 'Don 3': Ranveer Singh might take over for Shah Rukh Khan as Don in 'Don 3'. The news leaves the internet divided, while some users support this, there are some who are not pleased.

Written by  Ritika Nath   |  May 19th 2023 01:20 PM  |  Updated: May 19th 2023 01:30 PM

'Don 3': Ranveer Singh replacing Shah Rukh Khan in 'Don franchise' leaves netizens divided

Ranveer Singh replaces SRK in 'Don 3': Shah Rukh Khan opted to leave the Don franchise and won't be appearing in Don 3 a few days ago, according to reports. There was a rumour that Ranveer Singh would take over for SRK as Don in Don 3. However, there is no confirmation of it. Now, according to rumours, Ranveer Singh has reportedly taken Shah Rukh Khan's place in Don 3.

Following Shah Rukh's exit, the makers of Don 3 were searching for a well-known and suitable persona who could carry the Don legacy forward, according to a source close to the movie's production. And Ranveer is the actor they have chosen. It won't be surprising if this is true as Ranveer Singh has worked previously with the production house and managed to garner success in all. We're curious to see how Ranveer's casting will be received by the Don franchise's fans, especially after Shah Rukh charmed everyone with his portrayal of Don.

For admirers of Ranveer Singh, this is undoubtedly fantastic news, but some online users, particularly those who support SRK, are not pleased.

"Honestly, this dude has some track record of playing different characters brilliantly.. looking forward to it!!," said one user.

One commenter said, "This movie is going to look like Spoof of Don!!"

He is going to kill it, a different user tweeted. After Khans, HR is one of the best actors around. genuinely ecstatic. The next tweet was posted by another user: "Epic Disaster Confirmed.." Another tweeter said, "Years of praying, chanting, begging, and fighting for Don3 and it ends like this." 

One SRK supporter said, "End of Don franchise! Nobody can match SRK's mystique as Don, thank God. People will respond on the day of the release.

The 1978 Hindi-language action movie Don, which starred Amitabh Bachchan in the title role, served as the inspiration for the Don franchise.

With the release of Don: The Chase Begins Again in 2006, a remake series got underway. Don 2, its sequel, was published in 2011. Shah Rukh Khan played the principal character in both films.

Ranveer, meanwhile, has only Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahani scheduled right now.


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