Fire Destroys Home of Beloved Transgender Star Sushant Divgikar

In a heart-wrenching turn of events, the Mumbai residence of Sushant Divgikar, widely recognized as 'Rani Ko-heenoor', fell victim to a raging fire on the night of May 19, 2024. The fire, sparked by an electrical short circuit in the living room's air conditioner while the family was dining, swiftly spread through the house, leaving behind a trail of destruction.

Written by  Prerit Chauhan   |  May 21st 2024 04:10 PM  |  Updated: May 21st 2024 04:10 PM

Fire Destroys Home of Beloved Transgender Star Sushant Divgikar

Sushant Divgikar, famously known in the entertainment industry as 'Rani Ko-heenoor', stands as one of the most beloved and prominent personalities in contemporary media. However, a distressing event has recently cast a shadow over this vibrant figure’s life. On the fateful night of May 19, 2024, at approximately 11:30 PM, a devastating fire erupted at Divgikar’s Mumbai residence, leading to significant destruction and loss.

The incident was reported to have commenced in the living room of the household. According to a close friend of Sushant, who spoke to Times Now, the fire was ignited by an electrical short circuit in the air conditioning unit. At the time, Sushant and his family were gathered for dinner, completely unaware of the impending disaster. The flames rapidly spread, engulfing the kitchen and subsequently other parts of the house, reducing many cherished belongings to mere ashes.

Among the items consumed by the fire were numerous valuable possessions including Sushant's collection of trophies, makeup kits, and crucial official documents. Witnesses and neighbours described seeing thick plumes of smoke billowing from the residence, prompting immediate concern and action. The fire department responded promptly to the emergency call, swiftly arriving at the scene to bring the blaze under control. Thanks to their efficient response, Sushant and his family were safely evacuated without any reported injuries.

The precise cause of the fire remains under investigation by the authorities, who are working diligently to ascertain the exact sequence of events that led to the short circuit. The tragic loss has undoubtedly impacted Sushant, who is renowned not only as a model and singer but also as a drag queen and video jockey. His dynamic presence on social media, where he shares a multitude of singing and dancing videos, has garnered him a following of over three million on Instagram.


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