Puneet Issar and Team Unveil Epic 'Jai Shri Ram–Ramayan' Musical in USA and Canada Premiere

Written by  Ritika Nath   |  February 23rd 2024 03:38 PM  |  Updated: February 23rd 2024 03:38 PM

Puneet Issar and Team Unveil Epic 'Jai Shri Ram–Ramayan' Musical in USA and Canada Premiere

Puneet Issar, along with his team, has introduced a remarkable Broadway-style musical called 'Jai Shri Ram – Ramayan' to audiences in the USA and Canada for the very first time. This musical, based on the timeless epic Ramayana, offers a fresh and captivating take on the ancient story, blending Indian artistry with global entertainment.

Jai Shri Ram – Ramayan Musical Tour in Canada and the USA

After a successful run of over 30 shows in India, the leading event and entertainment company Shri Balaji Entertainment, in collaboration with Dome Entertainment, proudly presents this grand musical tour across various cities in the USA and Canada. The show promises to transport audiences into the enchanting world of Ramayana, where virtues triumph over vices, in a mesmerizing theatrical experience.

About Jai Shri Ram – Ramayan tour

Crafted, written, produced, and directed by Puneet Issar and Siddhant Issar, 'Jai Shri Ram – Ramayan' boasts of a talented cast including Puneet Issar as Raavan, Vindu Dara Singh as Hanuman, Shilpa Raizada as Sita, and Siddhant Issar as Ram. With its larger-than-life spectacle and captivating storytelling, the musical aims to celebrate Indian history, talent, and artistry on a global platform.

Puneet Issar expresses his excitement about premiering this grand production in the USA and Canada, emphasizing its universal themes of human relationships and values that transcend religious boundaries. He believes that the show, apart from being an ancient Indian epic, holds relevance for today's generation and promises to spread joy and entertainment through its performances.

'Jai Shri Ram – Ramayan' condenses the epic saga into a concise yet enthralling 2 hours and 45 minutes, featuring 13 original soundtracks and a live background score. The production has received rave reviews for its compelling storytelling and memorable music, ensuring an electrifying experience for audiences.

Shri Balaji Entertainment, with its 25 years of experience in the live entertainment industry, is renowned for delivering exceptional shows and concerts to the South East Asian community. Through 'Jai Shri Ram – Ramayan,' they aim to unite global audiences in celebrating cultural richness and the timeless values depicted in the epic narrative.


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