Unbelievable Uber Ride Leaves Passenger with a Whopping Rs 7.66 Crore Bill!

Written by  Ritika Nath   |  April 01st 2024 02:30 PM  |  Updated: April 01st 2024 02:30 PM

Unbelievable Uber Ride Leaves Passenger with a Whopping Rs 7.66 Crore Bill!

Viral News: In the list of bizarre incidents, a recent Uber ride in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, has left netizens in stitches and disbelief alike. A man, identified as Mr Deepak, for using Uber auto to travel the bustling streets of Noida found himself staring at a jaw-dropping bill amounting to a staggering Rs 7.66 crore!

Uber Charged a Whopping Amount 

The twist unfolded when Mr. Deepak reached his intended destination, only to be confronted with a bill that could easily rival the GDP of a small nation. Despite the ride not being cancelled and the driver seemingly continuing on his merry way, the Uber app decided to play a cruel prank on poor Mr. Deepak.

News of this shocking yet hillarious incident spread like wildfire after Mr. Deepak's friend, Ashish Mishra, shared a video clip capturing the bewildering moment. In the footage, Mr. Deepak can be seen visibly flabbergasted as he attempts to digest the astronomical figure displayed on his screen – a mind-boggling Rs 7,66,83,762!

As the video made its rounds on social media platforms, reactions poured in from amused onlookers. One user quipped about a supposed promotional discount of ₹75 adding insult to injury, while another humorously imagined the auto driver's nonchalant demand for payment lest Mr. Deepak be stranded indefinitely.

The viral clip quickly amassed over 72,000 views, with netizens expressing a mixture of amusement and sympathy for Mr. Deepak's plight. Tales of similar encounters with exorbitant ride fares began to surface, with one user recounting a hair-raising experience with Ola in Delhi.

In another incident, a user shared a tale of an Uber bike ride gone awry, culminating in a demand for an eye-watering ₹2,28,22,601 – a far cry from the paltry actual fare of 66 rupees. Such stories serve as cautionary tales for commuters navigating the unpredictable waters of ridesharing apps.

This isn't the first time ridesharing shenanigans have made headlines in India. Earlier this year, an Uber cab driver in Bengaluru attempted a similar stunt, presenting passengers with a falsified fare of ₹5,194 for a journey from Kempegowda International Airport to a residential address.

In a world where truth is often stranger than fiction, the tale of Mr. Deepak and his unforgettable Uber escapade serves as a testament to the absurdity that lurks around every corner – or, in this case, at the end of every ride. As commuters tread cautiously in the digital age, one can't help but wonder: what unforeseen adventures await on the next ride-hailing journey?


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