Viral Video Shock: School Principal Accused of Assault on Women's Day!

Written by  Prerit Chauhan   |  March 09th 2024 12:54 PM  |  Updated: March 09th 2024 12:54 PM

Viral Video Shock: School Principal Accused of Assault on Women's Day!

The video featuring a confrontation between two women, purportedly recorded at a government school, has swiftly gone viral on Women's Day. Allegedly taking place at Jay Prakash Narayan Sarvodaya Vidyalaya in the Nidori village within Ghaziabad's Masuri police station jurisdiction, the footage captures a distressing scene where one woman appears to physically assault another by pulling her hair. Notably, the individuals involved hold positions within the school, with one serving as the principal and the other as a computer operator. The principal, identified as Poonam Kushwaha, stands accused of assaulting the computer operator, Anshika.

Principal's Hair-Pulling Incident Goes Viral!

The root cause of the conflict stems from Anshika's claims regarding her job responsibilities at the school. Despite being appointed as a computer operator, Anshika alleges that Principal Poonam has imposed additional tasks upon her, including teaching duties. Anshika maintains that when she objected to these extra responsibilities, she faced not only physical violence but also verbal abuse and discriminatory remarks. The emergence of a video capturing the altercation between the two women has brought these allegations to light and intensified public scrutiny of the incident.

Amidst the circulation of the video on various social media platforms, Anshika has taken decisive action by lodging a formal complaint with the Masuri police station. The footage, which depicts one woman pulling the hair of another while a third person records the altercation, has galvanized attention and raised pertinent questions about workplace conduct and the abuse of power within educational institutions.

As the investigation unfolds, stakeholders are keenly observing the response of law enforcement authorities and school administrators to address the allegations and ensure accountability for the reported misconduct. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of upholding principles of dignity, respect, and professionalism in educational settings, particularly on an occasion as significant as International Women's Day.


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