Viral Video: When Atif Aslam forgot lyrics of Raj Kapoor's 'Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai'

An old video of Atif Aslam goes viral as he forgets Raj Kapoor's 'Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai' during his LIVE show.

Written by  Ritika Nath   |  August 08th 2023 07:14 PM  |  Updated: August 08th 2023 07:14 PM

Viral Video: When Atif Aslam forgot lyrics of Raj Kapoor's 'Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai'

Atif Aslam is a well-known vocalist who is admired for his vivid singing and captivating stage presence. He has a sizable and devoted fan base both in India and beyond the world of music. Even the most skilled and talented performers occasionally face unforeseen difficulties while doing live performances, despite their outstanding abilities. Atif Aslam had a similar scenario when he briefly fumbled over a song's lyrics but skillfully saved the situation with a clever gesture.

The incident in question happened during a live performance in the United Kingdom, when Atif Aslam forgot the famous Raj Kapoor song "Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai." Aslam showed his artistic ingenuity by skillfully covering his memory loss, unaffected by this unexpected setback. His enthusiastic supporters in attendance gave him a roaring cheer for this quick-witted move. He used a clever technique to repeat the song's hook line, successfully preserving the rhythmic cadence and smoothly introducing new lines.

A viral video circulating on various social media platforms showcased this remarkable moment of artistry. Filmed against the backdrop of a sprawling audience, the footage provided unmistakable evidence of the incident taking place in Birmingham, UK. The accompanying Instagram post playfully proclaimed, "When you forget the lyrics but still manage to keep the rhythm, that's Atif Aslam for you."

The comment section overflowed with a profusion of fire and red heart emojis, emblematic of the admiration and affection pouring in from his admirers.

Among the myriad responses, one fan poignantly expressed, "He embodies love, humility, and respect. His demeanor in person belies his exuberance on stage." Another comment aptly noted, "This incident further solidifies his standing as the sovereign of vocalists—truly, Atif Aslam reigns supreme."


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