Want to be fashionable and yet patriotic? Here are some ideas for Republic Day

Written by  Ritika Nath   |  January 25th 2023 01:15 PM  |  Updated: January 25th 2023 01:16 PM

Want to be fashionable and yet patriotic? Here are some ideas for Republic Day

Republic Day is just one day ahead of us and we can’t already wait to dive into the fashion world to see the faces trending with numerous ideas of tricolor outfits.

Indian flag indeed has the three most beautiful colors of ‘saffron’, ‘white’ and ‘green’ and of course ‘Ashok Chakra’. People tomorrow would not only want to symbolize their affection through clothing with tricolor infatuation but also would like to be fashionable at the same time.

Here are some of the clothing ideas for D-DAY:

White on white – Going all white might sound risky at first but white on white is truly one of the most posh outfit ever. It is not the first time someone suggesting you this amazing color but there are thousands of fashion enthusiasts who did that millions of time already. The classic fit truly accentuate the soothing vibe of a persona just like its shade.


Add little bit of Orange according to your taste – Orange is the most trending color of the season. There is no brand from streets to luxury who haven’t portrayed the color in their collection. On this auspicious occasion of 74th republic day, people who are seeking style and a color to magnify their looks saffron(similar to orange) will be the handiest of all. A bright orange baseball cap, a versity jacket or any signature sneaker of the color will do the overall justice to anyone’s look.

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Green fits – Indian green is one of the richest color someone can flaunt. A proper street style look can be owned with this amazing color who want to play safe and steady. A fit with a Green overshirt or a trouser of the same color will not only portray the look you wanted but will also make you feel patriotic with fashion.

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Written by-Durtiman Sonowal

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