With passion and dedication, Punjabi artiste Harjit Kaur keeping folk art alive in Britain

written by Rajan Nath | July 23, 2022

Harjit Kaur Interview: Punjabi artiste Harjit Kaur, who is known for her songs and videos performing dance and ‘Boliyan’, has been doing a splendid job by keeping folk art alive in the UK.  

In an exclusive interview with PTC Punjabi, the folk artist Harjit Kaur opened up about her journey from Punjab's Hoshiarpur to the UK. The 50-year-old Harjit Kaur aka 'Meeto' went viral on social media over 6 years ago on TikTok and since then she has been keeping folk art alive in UK's Britain.

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With passion and dedication, Punjabi artiste Harjit Kaur keeping folk art alive in Britain Image Source: Instagram

During the interview, Harjit Kaur said that at the age of 16, when she was in high school, she wanted to participate in singing and dancing competitions as she was passionate about the same. However, her parents didn’t allow her to participate in these competitions.

Seeing her dedication, her teacher invited 'Meeto' to attend the music classes. She later got selected for a competition in which she was asked to recite a poem on the first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru. However, while listening to the radio she came across an idea and decided to recite the poem like a song and even got the first prize for the same.

When ‘Meeto’ met ‘Preeto’! Harjit Kaur reveals how she met Harjinder Kaur [INTERVIEW]

Then she further started participating in cultural activities during her higher education and even went to Chandigarh for several competitions, said Harjit Kaur during an exclusive interview with PTC Punjabi.

However, she got married and moved to the UK where she was asked to be a little reserved in front of her in-laws. One day, Harjit Kaur was attending a family function when her mother-in-law asked her to dance and perform 'boliyan'. She immediately stood up and started dancing.

Harjit Kaur performed 'Ni Main Sass Kutni Boli' and soon after she realised that her mother-in-law was in front of her, she apologised to her, who not only forgave Meeto but also appreciated her.

When ‘Meeto’ met ‘Preeto’! Harjit Kaur reveals how she met Harjinder Kaur [INTERVIEW]

Since she was fond of music and dance, she started performing at functions and even people started inviting her to perform dance and 'boliyan'. In the meanwhile, someone advised her to not do it this way and instead charge for her performances. Harjit Kaur then started doing the same.

Similarly, she started making videos on TikTok and got immense popularity for the same. And that's how she made her own recognition and till now has been spreading the folk art in the UK.

Later, she met Harjinder Kaur aka Preeto who was also a TikTok star. Both of them were fond of each other’s videos and started making videos together, she said. People loved the combo of ‘Meeto’ and ‘Preeto’ and that’s how they started ruling hearts together.

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