'Women should take time to admire their bodies', says Alia Bhatt

Written by  Shimona Sharma   |  January 18th 2023 11:41 AM  |  Updated: January 18th 2023 11:41 AM

'Women should take time to admire their bodies', says Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt news: Alia Bhatt who is embracing the bliss of parenthood has never shied away from putting forth her views on topics. The actress has fiercely talked about her pregnancy to her diet and so on. After giving birth to her daughter Raha she is back to her basics. The 'Gully Boy' actress is back with her fitness regime but she is not in a hurry to look a certain way.

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Recently in an interview, Alia stated that an individual must listen to their body which was her mantra to stay fit. The actress also said that this was something she has learnt for the past few years as an actor and as a mother. The 'RRR' actress also mentioned the importance of body positivity.

Further, she stated that there are a lot of women who are struggling with their new look post-pregnancy. She believes that there is a lot of pressure to look a certain way. The actress also said that it is understood that everyone wants to lose weight, and look fit. She went on to mention that even she loves food and enjoys eating. Being an actor she also feels the pressure to look a certain way where films are concerned.

In addition to this Alia also stated that in today's era of social media, girls are worried even before pregnancy about their appearance. Then she said that women should take some time to appreciate their bodies. She also had a special message for new mothers where she stated that so many things come together to give birth to a baby.

So, she wants every individual to appreciate their body as it takes a lot of strength to give life to a child so one must be thankful that they remained safe during the process. The actress also said that it is also essential to build strong immunity.

Moving on, the 'Brahmastra' actress also mentioned that whenever she works out she doesn't do it to lose weight instead she does it to stay healthy. She believes that the aim is not to starve the body but follow a healthy lifestyle. It is simple to stay healthy by following some tips which are doing yoga and eating veggies regularly.

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