Yami Gautam is free from insecurities, speaks openely about her Skin Condition

written by Kirti Pathak | December 27, 2021

Yami Gautam is a well-known name in the world of acting the actress has got it all with her skills and her talent. The ‘Bhoot Police’ actress recently came out and spoke about her Skin condition, keratosis pilaris.

Yami while talking about her skin in an interview revealed that she was asked to airbrush or conceal her skin during the shoot. This year in October, Yami took to her Instagram to share her natural pictures with her skin condition and also revealed that she got it in her teenage.

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In an interview, she said, “Writing the post wasn’t difficult; it was liberating. The journey from the time when I learned of my condition to the day I put the post out, was challenging. When people saw me at the shoot, they would talk about how it should be airbrushed or concealed. That would affect me a lot. It took years to accept it and wear my confidence. I was overwhelmed to see the response to the post.”

The actress did not wait for anyone to spot her skin condition and was open enough to be vocal on the social media handle. Sharing her pictures, she wrote, “Hello my Insta (Instagram) family, I recently shot for some images and just when they were about to go in for post-production to conceal my skin condition called Keratosis- Pilaris, I thought, ‘Hey Yami, why don’t you embrace this fact and accept it enough to be OKAY with it. Just let it be."

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Bhoot Police actress added, “For those who haven't heard about this, it’s a skin condition wherein you get tiny bumps on the skin. I promise they aren’t as bad as your mind and your neighbour aunty makes it out to be. I developed this skin condition during my teenage years, and there is still no cure for it."

"I've dealt with it for many years now and today finally, I decided to let go of all my fears and insecurities and found the courage to love and accept my ‘flaws’ wholeheartedly. I also found the courage to share my truth with you. Phew! I didn't feel like airbrushing my folliculitis or smoothing that ‘under-eye’ or ‘shaping up’ that waist a tiny bit more! And yet, I feel beautiful," she added.

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The actress has many films coming up with one being a thriller titled ‘A Thursday’, which is directed by Behzad Khambata. The film is based around the life of a school teacher named Naina Jaiswal which will be played by Yami.

The film’s cast also includes Dimple Kapadia, Neha Dhupia and Atul Kulkarni. Other than this the actress will be seen in Dasvi and Lost.

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