Akshay Kumar has been working in Bollywood for more than 25 years. But he had not got any award during his acting career. For which Akshay’s wife used to taunt him. Twinkle Khanna, the daughetr of Rajesh Khanna and Dimple Kapadia taunted Akshay that all her family members had got some awards but not Akshay.¬†Akshay Kumar bagged the “National Award” for his movie “Rustom” in 64th National Film Awards. He attended the ceremony with his wife and son Aarav Kumar. Akshay always believed in making his family happy. He said in an interview,”I’m very happy. I consider the blessings of my parents and the good wishes of my family. Mrs.Funnybones (His Wife) who always teased me on not getting any awards is happy and my happiness lies in making her happy.”

Many people were not happy with Akshay winning the National Award. According to them there were other actors who deserve to win this award. And many people said that if Akshay was the one to get the award, then he should get it for “Airlift” instead of getting it for “Rustom”. The actor very pleasantly¬†replied,” I am observing this from last 25 years, whenever someone wins the award (National Award) there’s always a debate and someone starts a controversy on whether someone should have or shouldn’t have won the award. I have got this award after 26 years. If someone doesn’t want me to get this award, if you feel like, please go ahead and it away from me.” But, despite of all this, we are sure Akshay’s fans will be really pleased with Akshay getting his first award as “National Award”.

Akshay Kumar’s latest movie “Toilet : Ek Prem Katha” has released with Bhumi Padenekar on 11th August.

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