5 Skin Care Tips for Keeping Your Skin protected during Cold Winters

written by Ritika Nath | December 07, 2021

Winter brings a slew of skin issues with it. The majority of skin issues during the season are caused by the dry air outside and the lack of humidity indoors.

Because of the severe winds, skincare in the winter is much more difficult than in other seasons. The skin has to work harder to maintain hydrated as we approach closer to winter temperatures and the humidity lowers quickly.

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The dry, flaky, and dehydrated skin of the season is common. Because of the desire to avoid water, washing and exfoliation are often neglected. Skincare should be done all year, but especially during the winter months when the skin is at its most vulnerable.

Avoid hot water for skin

When the weather turns cold, it's all too tempting to take a hot shower. Avoid them if you care about your skin. Shower and wash your face with lukewarm water instead. Hot showers dry up your skin rapidly, and if you don't moisturize it right away, cracks and winter eczema can develop. Apply a moisturizer containing hyaluronic acid and ceramides after you've taken a lukewarm shower. This will prevent dryness by maintaining the moisture barrier.

Sunscreen should be applied every day

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It's tempting to skip sunscreen in the mornings during the winter because the days are shorter and there's less sunshine, but don't. Even in the winter, UV light can damage your skin's moisture barrier, which is essential for skin health and hydration. After you've applied your moisturizer, apply a layer of sunscreen every morning.

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At Night, take care of Your Skin

If you want to have healthy skin, remember to refill it at night when you sleep for 7-8 hours. Before you go to bed, treat yourself to some deep moisturizing with oils so you may wake up with soft, supple skin.

These helpful hints may assist you in surviving the winter's harsh impacts and achieving radiant, happy skin. Choose your cues and achieve the skin you've always wanted.

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Exfoliants and scrubs should be avoided

Exfoliation can help maintain your skin looking smooth and lively by removing dead skin cells from the surface. However, if you exfoliate too frequently or with the wrong products, you might over-exfoliate your skin. If your skin appears dry or flaky, a gentle chemical exfoliation may be preferable to a physical scrub. Scrubs containing big particles that are harsher are more likely to damage your skin's moisture barrier.

Don't forget the Sunglasses

This is extremely crucial for people who live in areas where it snows a lot. Sun and snow glare can damage the skin around your eyes, causing brown spots, fine wrinkles, and other problems. As a result, if you walk outside, make sure you're wearing UV-protective sunglasses with wide arms.

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