Finally, Binnu Dhillon Reveals The Secret Behind The 'Kaala Coat' Of Adv. Dhillon In 'Carry On Jatta 2'

written by Sakshi Batra | May 30, 2018

Finally, Binnu Dhillon Reveals The Secret Behind The 'Kaala Coat' Of Adv. Dhillon In 'Carry On Jatta 2'. 1st June, just a couple of days left and the madhouse is all set with their comic timings and jokes to takes on a laughter ride. Meanwhile for the rest of the days till the movie releases, the makers are bringing more excitement and enhancing the curiousness amongst the audiences by delivering the new dialogue promos. Carry On Jatta 2 - Trailer Launch Poster the much-anticipated dialogue of the movie "Carry On Jatta" that comes to our mind when we see Jaswinder Bhalla aka Advocate Dhillon is "Adv. Dhillon ne kaala coat aiwe ni paaya". There were many social promotions also done when the movie was under production and shoot had not started for the movie. People were asked to complete the dialogue for "Adv. Dhillon ne kaala coat aiwe ni paaya". Adv. Dhillon ne kaala coat aiwe ni paaya". The best replies were supposed to be used in the movie. So, we don't know who has completed the dialogue or it's the writer of the movie who has made several answers for the dialogues as we have in the first installment of "Carry On Jatta". But, we have finally got the first complete dialogue for Adv Dhillon. the best reply by far is given by none other than Binnu Dhillon.

  • gippygrewalSaali Gandi Aulaad Na Maza Na Swaad ?? Carry On Jatta 2 Releasing on 1 June Stay Tuned Jaswinder Bhalla's pet dialogue from the movie is "Saali Gandi Aulaad Na Mazza Na Swaad" is the one thing we are the die-hard fan of the movie about. "Carry On Jatta 2" carries some special elements this year, so people have set high expectations from the movie. We are pretty sure, people are gonna love it. The very glamorous Sonam Bajwa is the leading lady with Gippy Grewal in the movie with Jaswinder Bhalla, Binnu Dhillon, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Karamjit Anmol, BN Sharma, Upasana Singh and others. carry on jatta 2


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